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ExxpertApps Services

Process consulting


We advise you on how to improve your business processes to achieve better results. We help you to manage your business knowledge to become better and better over time.




We customize ExxpertApps to comply with your data models, design standards, data access rights, business processes, etc. making the system fit to your individual needs.

Data Migration


We migrate all your data (contacts, companies, web and e-mail templates, process descriptions, etc. to get your users up an working from the first day they access the system.



We train all your employees in the use of ExxpertApps considering the individual business processes and objectives that each of them needs to achieve.



In case of questions or problems, you can reach us any time to help you achieve your business goals through the use of ExxpertApps.






We create standard e-mail templates, newsletters, landing pages that have all your unique corporate design and help you in your mass communication with potential and existing customers.




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