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ExxpertApps is an Integrated Next Generation Enterprise Application.







With a single application you can manage: contacts, companies, projects, opportunities, activities, documents, resources, mailings, landing pages, online registrations, surveys, online procurement, and much more ...


Your team will achieve higher levels of productivity by centralizing the information and files (but with selective access rights per user), by using specialized applications to do certain tasks (like mass mailings) and by easily coordinating projects with internal and external persons.

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Calvi Systems provides software-related services for the implementation of ExxpertApps.

These services are:

  • Process Consulting to improve existing business processes

  • Customization of ExxpertApps to accomodate the client's needs

  • Migration of client's data from databaseses or excel sheets

  • Design of e-mail and Web templates to follow the corporate image

  • Training of ExxpertApps functions according to the processes


  • Support to the entire client team during the implementation


We also provide consultancy in the areas of:

  • Strategy to expand to new markets, create new products, reduce costs, etc.

  • Sales process advice and renewal to synchronize with market and client changes

  • Marketing strategy development to expand the revenue

  • Change Management consultancy to enable employees adopt a change culture and adapt to the new reality

  • Sales and marketing training

  • innovation consultancy for managers and employees


All innovation services are provided through the own Business Innovations Academy.

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